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Hybrid Fueling Services

Discover the synergy of solar and diesel power with our innovative refueling solution for Solar Diesel generator trailers. Seamlessly integrate sustainable solar energy with efficient backup power, ensuring continuous operation even in low solar conditions. Experience substantial cost savings by utilizing just half of your solar capacity, thanks to our optimized refueling approach. Maximize efficiency, extend generator lifespan, and reduce fuel consumption. Embrace a future where sustainability and savings converge, powering your applications intelligently and economically.

The solar trailer, powered by sunlight, is watched over by a system that keeps track of its fuel level and other vital information. When the fuel gets too low, a message goes to our monitoring team. They send a special truck to the trailer's location. The truck adds more fuel to the trailer's tanks so it can keep working. Once the tanks are full, the monitoring team is told everything is okay, and the solar trailer can go back to making energy from the sun.