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4.5 KW Tri-Brid Solar Battery Diesel Mobile Generator



    Versatile Power Generation: 4.5kw Solar, 12kw Perkins diesel generator, a 19 kwh LiFeP04 battery, and a 9kw hybrid solar inverter.
    70% Fuel Savings: A 3.4kW AC load runs off batteries for 4.2 hours, with a 2.7-hour generator recharge when solar isn't available. The generator is inactive 61% of the time, cutting fuel use by 61%. With solar, fuel savings increase to 70%.
    Solar Efficiency: 4.5kw of solar production harnessing the power of the sun to contribute to the overall energy mix.
    Tri-Brid Technology: The Tri-Brid design efficiently combines solar, battery, and diesel power sources, optimizing energy utilization based on environmental conditions and load demands.
    Output Precision: Split-phase output of 120/240 volts at 37 amps, ensuring a wide range of appliances and devices. An output of 12kw, this generator is capable of meeting the power needs of both industrial and commercial applications.
    Intelligent Monitoring: Keep tabs on your system's performance. Monitor fuel levels, power consumption, and overall system health in real-time with a cellular internet connection.

Primary Module for Higher Power Loads

MADE in the USA, the Tri-Brid Solar Generator offers a reliable and sustainable power solution. This stand-alone generator includes a built-in backup diesel system for uninterrupted power, especially in challenging conditions. Under constant loads, solar energy charges the battery while powering the load. If demand exceeds solar input, the battery takes over. When battery levels drop below 20%, the diesel generator activates to recharge and sustain the load. Smartly cycling based on consumption, the Tri-Brid generator ensures reliable, sustainable energy in diverse conditions.

    4.5 KW TriBrid Solar Battery Diesel Modular Generator

  • Solar
  • Solar Watts

    4.5 kw / 4.0 kw @ efficiency
  • Solar Panel No.

  • Solar Panel Watts

  • Battery Storage
  • Battery KWh

  • Battery Technology

  • Battery Arrays No

  • AC Output Split Phase 120/240
  • AC Max AMP Load

  • AC Max Watts (kW)

  • Diesel Generator
  • Engine

    Perkins 403J-15
  • AC output

    12 kW
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (Gal)

    90 G
  • Fuel Type

  • Fuel Consumption (Gal Per Hour)

  • Mechanical
  • Trailer L x W x H (ft)

    12 x 7.3 x 7
  • Trailer Weight (lbs)

  • Trailer Solar Surface Area (ft)

    20 x 20
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Cellular Modem

    Rural Band LTE Modem (cell card not included)
  • Power Plant Monitoring

  • Generator and Fuel Monitoring