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900 Watt Mobile Solar Trailer DC Generator


Features Include:

    Full circuit protection
    Power panel meter
    60 ft 14/3 SOJW extension
    Crank leveling base
    Locking cabinet
    Custom configurations available
    IOT monitoring package
    Purchase, Lease, Rent

123-SG-900 Solar Power Generator

900 Watt Solar Generator 123eSolar industrial solar generator power plant produces 910 Watts of solar electrical energy. The 123-SG-900 is easily transported and can be deployed by a single individual. Designed as a temporary power solution for cellular tower new cell site builds (NSB), the 123-SG-900 will power your mini Purcel cabinet and transport data equipment (i.e. Ciena CN3931) where temporary or commercial permanent power has yet to be installed. The string of 200 Ah back up batteries will power a mini Purcell or Multilink cabinet with heat exchange and one Ciena 24/7 and for 3 days with inclement weather. While the continuous power output of this 900 watt solar trailer is 3.8 amps, the solar generator will produce up to 60 amps @ 48vDC depending on the load and duration of use. Multiple solar generators can be strung together to increase power.

    Electrical Specifications

  • Solar
  • Solar Watts

  • Solar Panel No.

  • Solar Panel Watt

  • Battery
  • Battey Current (Max Amps)

  • Battery Ah

  • Battery kWh

  • DC
  • DC Constant Continuous Load (AMP) 24/7

  • DC Voltage (Peak)

  • DC Voltage (Nominal)

  • Mechanical
  • Trailer L x W x H (ft)

    9.8 x 6.5 x 8.7
  • Trailer Weight (lbs.)

  • Trailer Solar Surface Area L x W (ft)

    6.5 x 7
  • Shipping Dimensions Open Pallet (L x W x H in)

    96 x 84 x 84
  • Shipping Weight (lbs)