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#Our Testimonials

Brian Tier 1 Carrier

23 Dec 2019

Our market needed an alternative power source in a new site build. We sourced a 123eSolar generator to get room ready. The solar generator was delivered on time and saved the company more than $10,000 in fuel costs if we used a traditional generator

Erik Tier 1 Carrier

17 Jan 2022

Just completed a trial in Texas, the 123eSolar generator was the perfect solution to our temporary power needs. With the solation our AAV packet was delivered 6 weeks ahead of schedule. I will be referring out markets to 123eSolar

Ryan B

5 Mar 2022

I have been using 123eSolar generators for a few years now. The generators are a perfect match to power needs. I wanted a design where the generator was not in the way on site and easily transported


9 Jun 2022

The solar gen with AC inverter is what I used to power a Fluke power monitor at LAX for 30 days. I had no AC outlet, so the company rented the 1 kilowatt trailer. Plugged the Fluke in and 30days later 123e came and picked up the generator. Fast service and great customer service