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Our Products

123eSolar DC power generators provide portable, industrial, green power as replacement to diesel generators. Customers can buy, lease or rent.

900 Watt mobile portable solar power for telecommunications room ready and fiber

900 Watt Solar Trailer Generator

Our photovoltaic mobile power plant produces 900 Watt off grid lite industrial towable solar generator rated at 3.8 continuous amps at an operating voltage of 48 v DC. 9.6 kWh energy storage small, maneuverable, affordable temporary power.

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1.3 Kilo Watt Solar Generator

Small, powerful, and mobile Solar Generators by 123eSolar deliver power on demand. Electricity is harvested from the sun and stored in our mobile power plant. To maximize solar harvest, while allowing the power plant to be towed behind any vehicle, three high efficiency solar panels are mounted in our solar transformer box. Simply extend the solar panels on each side to maximize solar production.

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7.2 kW Hybrid Diesel Solar Generator

7.2 Kilo Watt disaster recovery hybrid solar generator. 20 continuous amps at an operating voltage of 120AC. 36 kWh energy storage. Integrated diesel generator for battery charging back up power.r.

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Mobile Solar Trailer  Solar-Powered WiFi Trailer Wireless Solar Trailer WiFi Connecti

Solar-Powered WiFi Trailer

Solar-Powered WiFi Trailer, merging sustainability with connectivity. This portable marvel, equipped with advanced solar panels, harnesses the sun's energy to power seamless WiFi access anywhere. Unleash the true potential of remote locations with blazing fast internet, ideal for events, emergencies, and off-grid adventures. Effortlessly deployable and self-sustaining, this innovative solution ensures uninterrupted connectivity with zero carbon footprint. Experience the future now, where sustainability, mobility, and technology converge. Stay connected, eco-consciously, with our Solar-Powered WiFi Trailer - your gateway to limitless communication in the great outdoors.

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