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Solar Trailer Services

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Transportation and Deployment

Our service group will delivery and pickup the solar generator to most construction sites. Once on site, our team will "land" the solar generator and install into you low voltage "H" frame and secure the trailer.

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Site Management

Construction site management is a necessary tool to help ensure crews are on site, being safe, and being productive. Instantly view a live stream of your construction site with our cloud based 24/7 video streaming service.

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Solar Hybrid Refueling

The solar trailer, powered by sunlight and monitored through the internet, sends an alert to our monitoring team when its fuel level runs low. Once we receive the alert, we send a refueling truck to the trailer's location.

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IOT Power Management

Power management allows the user to remotely monitor the solar generators power creation, storage and consumption. An additional integrated function allows the user to remotely turn on and off the output power.

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