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Power, Flexibility, and Design

#Power, Flexibility, and Design

Solution applications include the following

Continuous Off-grid Power Generator

DC continuous LOAD current rating allows for a user to plan off-grid solar power management. The Nominal continuous load output is designed for 24/7 operation where a minimum of 5 days of solar energy is possible.

Intermittent Off-grid Power Generator

If you need more power that is not continuous, 123eSolar rates for a 10-hour day, the maximum kWh load output allows partners to plan for total energy consumption. Intermittent power means the solar generators produce more power throughout the day but are limited to 10 hours.

Video Site Monitoring

123eSolar generators are LTE and 5G network ready. With cellular connectivity in many areas, integrated or external video streaming cameras may be activated to monitor your work site. Know who is on-site, what the conditions are and view progress as it happens.

Light Tower

Additional options include high power LED illumination telescoping tower. Intended to operate during evening hours the solar generators can be outfitted with our automatic LED lights that turn ON and OFF based on a schedule or you have the option to turn lights on remotely. A nice feature when coupled with the video site monitoring option.

Small Cell Wireless Tower Power

Solar COW (cell on wheels) powers multiple radios and network equipment without diesel or grid power. This option has a telescoping mast that can have antennas added with radios mounted in the power cabinet.

New Site Build Temporary Power (Wireless Telecom)

Designed to power fiber optic transport equipment the 900w and 1.1 kW generators are used by carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. When permanent power has yet to be installed, these mobile generators give an instant power to a new cell site allowing for instant network equipment connectivity.

Disaster Recovery

The 7.2kw Solar power plant was designed to provide power in emergency situations. The system can power water pumps, air-conditioning, and water filtration systems.

Mobile Command Center Power

Police, fire and military mobile command stations, Movie location power, larger cell tower power. The Mobile command center is a powerful quiet solution where there is no power.